How many activities can you do in Suðuroy? Did you know that there is an archery club?

Valhalla 2022

How about… Judo – Parkour – Table Tennis – Running – Swimming – Darts – Billiards – Rowing – Frisbee Golf – Gymnastics – Sailing – Chess – Dancing – Climbing – Football – Handball – Volleyball – Badminton – Yoga – Bocce – Scouts – Sea Swimming – Hiking – Evening Schools – Vikings – Table Top Games..

Suðuroy has many things you can do —> everyone is invited to visit and see what is possible. We encourage everyone to come out and try something new.

Clubs/ activities are asked how best to promote their activity and to create new ones too.

Ferry schedule from/Torshavn

Bus in Suðuroy

More details will come as available for the next event.

See you soon
Kelea Quinn
President of Team SuðurSkot