How many activities can you do in Suðuroy? Did you know that there is an archery club?

Valhalla 2022

How about… Judo – Parkour – Table Tennis – Running – Swimming – Darts – Billiards – Rowing – Frisbee Golf – Gymnastics – Sailing – Chess – Dancing – Climbing – Football – Handball – Volleyball – Badminton – Yoga – Bocce – Scouts – Sea Swimming – Hiking – Evening Schools – Vikings – Table Top Games..

Suðuroy has many things you can do, so on Saturday October 8th (10h-18h) —> everyone is invited to come to Marghollin and see what is possible. Marghollin is accessible for all so we encourage everyone to come out and try something new.

Clubs/ activities are asked to comment below or go to Facebook to confirm their space requirements and how best to promote their activity and to create new ones too.

Ferry schedule from/Torshavn

Bus in Suðuroy

Food – coffee will be served as well as some special surprises! Do you like blood pancakes? Are you an amazing cake baker?

More details will come as available.

See you soon
Kelea Quinn
President of Team SuðurSkot

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