Marghollin í Vagí
September 2022 – March 2023

*** Please contact Andrass Petersen for TSS Membership registration forms.

17-19h —> Club training

16-17h —> ELITE Youth
17-19h —> Club training
19-21h —> ELITE Adult

16-1630h —> open for public to try
1630-17h —> under 10 years old
17-19h —> Club training

16-17h —> *Beginners Youth
17-19h —> Club training
19-20h —> *Beginners Adult

17-19h —> Club training

*Beginners must be registered members. Limit 6 per session.

ELITE is for archers preparing for international competitions.

Membership fees due October 1st
Adult 500kr / Youth (under 16) 250kr

Suðuroyar Sparikassi
Kt 9870 3054323

Team SuðurSkot

—> Kelea Quinn has been coaching since 1985 and in archery since 2008. She is specifically trained in Peak Performance for high level athletes and in Sports Psychology. As a new resident of Suðuroy, she is committed to making Marghollin the best training center possible for all athletes.