Team SuðurSkot Archery OPEN – November 14-19, 2022 @Marghollin

Indoor Archery Competition

November 14-19th, 2022

@ Marghøllin í Vagi


New and experienced archers are invited to shoot 60 arrows in a qualifying session beginning November 14th. As the club is limited to how many archers can shoot together, we ask that you decide which evening you would like to come. If you need a different time please ask! The Saturday morning qualification session is reserved for those traveling on the ferry from the North.

Once all scores are checked, the TOP 4 archers in each category will shoot finals Saturday afternoon. Finals are set point decisions (ask at training for how this works).

Prizes will be awarded for both top qualifications scores and finals. As this is the first official competition for many Team SuðurSkot members, we will do our best to make sure everyone has a great experience!

Use the registration form below to choose your preferred qualifications.

FINALS (Top 4 per bow & age category at 12m and 18m *** if at least 4 people are competing) —> 1 round warm up then immediately into scoring on semi finals and then medal finals.

Archers can compete in more than one age group or bow category. Please submit a new registration for each qualification session.

Qualification Fees – 100kr (under 16 years old) – 250kr (16+ years and OPEN categories)

*** Spaces are limited in every category due to target limits. Once your place is confirmed, please make fee transfer.

Suðuroyar Sparikassi – Kt 9870 3054323

*** Ferry Transportation —> Saturday 19th – depart Torshavn 7h – arrive Tvøroyri 9h & depart Tvøroyri 18h30 – arrive Torshavn 20h30